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Youth For Youth Coalition

Youth for Youth Coalition Incorporation

531 South Parkway

Memphis, Tenn. 38106

Founder: Rev. Ernest Gillespie III

     The Youth for Youth program is a youth behavioral modification program that focuses on helping youth who were in juvenile detention because of committing a juvenile crime. The main elements of this program are to help lift and build up these youth who are having some self-esteem problems as well as educational problems.

     This program helps these teens, who will be returning back into the school system, by offering them help and modifying their behavior though discipline. This can help them to be able to control their anger. The program’s main focus during the twelve weeks is to help them with their Reading, Math, English and Computer skills.

     The Youth for Youth program also helps youth, who may be over age, by helping them to achieve their GED as well as find them employment upon finishing the course work that each youth must attend for at least twelve weeks.

     The Youth for Youth also teaches the youth the danger of joining gangs. The instructors who work within the Youth for Youth program are mostly retired teachers and principals who are willing to offer their services to help these high-risk children. This program is a 501 C 3 non-profit program that is housed in the Pearly Gate Baptist Church Ministry. 


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