Pearly Gate Baptist Church

Memphis, TN


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Reply Minister Jones
1:20 PM on January 10, 2012 
Lord, whatever you do in 2012 please don't do it without Pearly Gate MB Church!!!!
Reply april
12:52 PM on September 23, 2010 
You know they say not to brag or be boastful, but im PROUD of my pastor, Ernest Gillespie, III. This God given man, is truly a gift from above! If you ever desire to hear a word from the LORD, or want to witness the praises of GOD then you need to head on down to South Memphis, corner of Lauderdale and SouthParkway. 1st church to right on the corner and come see this MAN of GOD! He preaches,teaches straight from the GOOD BOOK, everything you may have a concern for he can help and guide you in the RIGHT WAY! NOT HIS WAY BUT GOD WAY!

sunday services 9:15am WOW!!!!!!
sunday school 8:30 oh that is just powerful as service, Bro. Louis Holmes, a apostle of GOD to me is just as POWERFUL AND HOLY SPIRIT FILLED.

Reply Min.Harriet Stanton- Sutton
7:01 PM on September 14, 2010 
Pearly Gate is now and has always been a warm and loving church, it starts with our great,dynamic, spirit filled pastor, the Rev. Ernest Gillespie,III and it spills out into the congregation. If you have ever experienced a feeling of love when you walk into a place then you will most assuredly get that feeling when you come to "The Gate". If you are searching for a church with a TEACHING pastor YOU need to come to "The Gate" because no one does it better than our pastor. If you are in need of your spirit to be pricked, you can get that at any and/or all of our worship and teaching opportunities because pastor Gillespie is preaching with the annointing of the Holy Spirit. Do not let this opportunity pass you by. COME SEE US AT "THE GATE"
Reply Minister Cole
11:02 PM on August 18, 2010 

Bible Study tonight was a spiritual awakening. Lord, bless my friends.
Reply Grace Marie Durham
9:56 PM on May 21, 2010 
Congratulations to all of the graduates and those who are continuing their education. May God continue to richly bless you. Thanks to all that have participated in the events that have been held at the Gates . Continue to support your church. And to all visitors that have supported our many endeavors at the Gate, We THANK You. Words cannot say how much we thank you for supporting us and for visiting us whether via the telecast, web page, or by stopping by. Please visit again. Members keep up the good work and continue to strive for growth. EXPECT a guest.
Reply Betty Reeves Johnson
1:15 AM on May 18, 2010 
Fredrick thanks for the pictures of Women In Hats on the Web Page. You are doing an excellent job.
Congratulation on your new milestone and may God Bless all your endeavors.
Reply Grace Marie Durham
3:09 PM on May 15, 2010 
Thank You Minister Cole. Being recognized for his hard work means a lot to us. Fredrick's journey has just begun. He will be enrolling into college this fall to work on his Master's degree. Education is very important in our family. We see it as a way of life.
Reply april
7:51 PM on April 30, 2010 
wow what a wonderful revival we had on this week starting 4-25-10 to 4-28-10! pastor some souls were revived and renewed!!!! to the preacher's on the pulpit wonderful job in your message, God is truly guiding you ministers and HE showed up! Pastor continue to lead and teach us the TRUE doctrine, i love you dearly there is no other Pastor teaching i rather be under and no other church i rather fellowship then with Pearly Gate!!! Choir wonderful job you guys did it, sung to heaven and open the gates wide open. Pastor lets have a Spring Revival on the lawn, yeah that would be great! There is no room for the devil and his spirit at Pearly Gate we are on board to a higher mission and calling, Pastor i pray for your strengthen and continue guidance to lead us! Love you members and visitors please come and visit us you want be disappointed and the good part you still will make your OWN CHURCH SERVICE!
Reply Grace Marie Durham
10:03 PM on April 10, 2010 
I was watching the telecast on Saturday April 10,2010. I can see for myself just how extra ordinary our Pastor is. No where else in the city have I seen or heard anyone as dedicated as our Pastor is about saving our children and people in general. We as a people are so caught up in the educational NCLB but we are missing the point, our children are being left behind in other ways beside education. Thank you Pastor for starting this crusade to save our children, If we follow you, we CAN make a difference in communities across the city, state and nation.. We must be on one accord, Be Blessed members and lets keep our Pastor ( Rev. E.B. Gillespie,II) lifted in prayer as He travel throughout the dangerous streets , schools, and jails.
Reply Ernest Gillespie
8:09 PM on January 13, 2010 
The question that needs to be answer; Dr.King was an extremist for justice what kind of extremist will you be. Was not Paul an extremist for the Christian gospel. I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. Was not Martin Luther an extremist "Here I stand: I cannot do otherwise so help me God. We must never forget that dramatic scene on Calvary's hill, three men were crucified. They all were crucified for the same crime the crime of extremism. Two were extremists for immorality, and thusly fell below their environment. The other Jesus Christ, was an extremist for love, truth and goodness and thereby rose above his environment. What type of extremists will you be in the year 2010?