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Our Mission

    The Pearly Gate Missionary Baptist Church's vision and purpose is centered on following the format that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has commanded His followers to do, which is to become fisherman of all humankind, regardless of race, creed, or color.


Jesus commissions His church to go out into the entire world, to spread the Gospel, and to baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


The mission of our church is to be that light and gem that transforms the lives of the broken-hearted, giving hope to the hopeless and restoring faith to the faithless.

Our History


      In an old dance hall located at 1451 Thomas Street on March 22, 1932, Pearly Gate Missionary Baptist Church had its beginning. A lot of changes occurred doing the new beginning of the Pearly Gate Missionary Baptist Church. The Baptist General Association helped its leader, Dr. A.D. Bell, acting moderator, along with Rev. H. A. Manny. Rev. Manny moderated the meeting with Rev. C.H. House serving as secretary of the council which founded this spiritual body and named it the New Rising Sun. Rev. P.W. Green was elected as the first pastor of the New Rising Sun Baptist Church, which is now the Pearly Gate Missionary Baptist Church.



Under the leadership of Rev. P.W. Green, the church had its first revival and received and baptized its first convert who was Brother Ervin Williams who confessed Christ under the preaching of the Rev. E. L. Blair. While under the leadership of Rev. P. W. Green property was purchased at 1351 Thomas Street at the cost of $1,500.00 with a monthly payment of $15.00.



The year of 1934 was a year of more changes, the resignation of the church’s first Pastor and the election of Rev. J.C. Canada. Rev. Canada only served one and a half month and was dismissed. Rev. C.T. Rucker was called the first Sunday in June of 1934 after the dismissal of Rev. J. C. Canada; and the membership grew from ten members to sixty.



In April 1935, the church was driven by purpose to buy property at 1374 Nicholas Street in the amount of $800.00 dollars requiring a down payment of $15.00 dollars with a monthly payment of $8.00 dollars. This year also brought a new birth to the church by renaming the church Pearly Gate Missionary Baptist Church. With this new name, there was also a new growth added to membership totaling 176 new members.



Rev. C. T. Rucker resigned in 1947 after remodeling the church in 1944. In 1947 Rev. Warner C. Jackson was called the second Sunday in November to be Pastor. Many great things were done under the leadership of Rev. Warner C. Jackson.

          1. The old building was demolished and a new one



          2. Land east and south of the church was purchased.



          3. Debts were paid off and mortgage

          note was burned.

     Upon the death of Rev. E. C. Jackson, the eighties brought with it some very exciting changes for the church. The new pastor was elected to lead this membership the second Sunday in July 1982. Under the leadership of Pastor Ernest Gillespie, III, many additions have been added to this ministry during this era.

           1. Three hundred fourteen souls were added to the

            membership by letter of Christian experiences.


           2. Transportation vehicles were added to the



           3. Heating and new central air were added to the

           old location


          4. New renovation was added to the old location at

          Nicholas Street inside and outside.


          5. Radio/T.V outreach ministry was added.


          6. Youth for Youth Community Coalition program 

          has been added.    

    Change has always been the main purpose of the Pearly Gate Missionary Baptist Church. One such change came to past on July 14, 1992. The First Episcopal District’s Christian Methodist Episcopal Headquarters located at 531 and 539 South Parkway East and the adjacent properties located on Humber agreed to sell this location to the Pearly Gate Missionary Baptist Church.



These properties were purchased on October 20, 1992. The ribbon cutting ceremony and the first worship service were held November 29, 1992.



The old property at 1374 Nicholas was sold to the House of God and the finance was done by Pearly Gate Baptist Church carrying a thirty-year mortgage on this property.



Yes, the church (Pearly Gate Baptist Church) has accomplished a lot but the work is still not finished because “change is the call of this ministry.”

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